Service Agreement
1. Overview of Terms of Service

    In order to protect the mutual rights and obligations of customers and OULU CLOUD, we will prompt these terms of service when purchasing products. Regardless of whether the user carefully reads these terms or not, the purchase of products and services is deemed to be a default agreement to these terms of service and content.
    From the date of account registration! If OULU CLOUD does not assume any responsibilities beyond the terms due to any disputes, the user shall bear all the responsibilities, or if the OULU CLOUD "Terms of Service" is not clear, please consult customer service for details and benefit the protection of your consumption rights in OULU CLOUD.
    If you do not agree to the terms of service, please do not purchase directly.

2. User information and privacy protection
  1. Users refer to natural persons, legal persons and organizations with full civil capacity.
  2. Users need to provide this website with their true, accurate and complete user information; when the corresponding information changes, users need to update the corresponding information in time to maintain the validity of their user information.
  3. Users need to take good care of their user accounts and take full responsibility for all activities and events carried out by the account.
  4. User agrees and authorizes: Based on the importance of products and services, OULU CLOUD maintains contact, communication and emergency handling with customers through the user information provided by it, including but not limited to email and instant messaging.
  5. Any user information submitted on this website is only used for us to provide users with a more efficient and quality service experience.
  6. OULU CLOUD promises and guarantees the confidentiality of user information and customer privacy, and destroys data when necessary.
3. Data Guarantee
  1. Since computer hard drives and storage devices are electronic devices, even in a hardware RAID10 environment, there is no guarantee that they will be 100% free from any failure. Therefore, users are obligated to be responsible for their own data security. We strongly recommend that users perform data backup regularly;
  2. Due to hardware failure or customer abuse caused by data loss, OULU CLOUD will not be liable for compensation, but we will do our best to assist customers in restoring data and solving problems. If customer data is lost due to our staff's operational errors or other reasons, we will actively negotiate with users, restore data, and provide users with satisfactory solutions based on the specific circumstances.
  3. Users need to take good care of their user accounts and take full responsibility for all activities and events carried out by the account.
4. Termination of service
  1. If you do not pay on time, the order in your account will be suspended or deleted.
  2. Once the product expires, your account will be suspended or deleted. We have the right to delete the service data without notifying the customer. We are not responsible for any data loss caused by this.
  3. If the bill is overdue for more than 3 days, we will charge a certain percentage of late fees. If the bill is overdue for more than 5 days without payment, your account will be completely deleted, and we are not responsible for any data loss caused by this.
  4. We are not responsible for service inaccessibility (use) or data loss due to user arrears, non-renewal or forgetting to renew.
  5. Any service termination that is not caused by our cause, you can restore your data account for a fee if the backup data is available.
  6. If you violate the "Terms of Service" and "Acceptable Terms of Use", OULU CLOUD has the right to terminate the service;
  7. OULU CLOUD has the right to terminate the service involving refund without notice;
5. Compensation and compensation clauses

    Customers have the right to request OULU CLOUD for corresponding compensation or compensation for downtime, data loss, etc. caused by our reasons. The maximum compensation amount does not exceed the rental cost of this equipment for one month. It is not limited to the following actions:

  1. The downtime caused by our staff's operational errors, but the maintenance of data center equipment, network equipment upgrades, etc. are not in the scope of compensation;
  2. Loss of customer data due to our reasons and responsibilities;
  3. OULU CLOUD does not provide any compensation or compensation for any event caused by political changes, social events such as wars, natural disasters such as weather, earthquakes, and other force majeure factors;
  4. OULU CLOUD does not provide any compensation or compensation for the loss and impact of users caused by violation of the provisions of the terms of service.
6. Treatment of arrears

    Users need to apply for business renewal at least 2 days in advance. When the business expires, the customer's business will face the risk of service suspension, business cancellation, and data loss. OULU CLOUD does not bear the user's loss caused by the customer's failure to complete the payment in time.

    After paying the bill, if the third-party gateway fails to send data back, the customer should be notified through a work order to manually enter the account.

Seven, cancel the service request (Cancell Request)
  1. Cancellation service is not equivalent to refund service. Cancellation request means that the product of the order will terminate the renewal function in advance or after expiration.
  2. If you have submitted a service cancellation request and need to resume normal renewal use, you can contact the customer service staff through a ticket to cancel the request.
  3. After submitting the cancellation service, the pushed bill will be automatically cancelled. If the bill has been paid, you can request a refund of the balance account from the customer service staff through a ticket.
8. Discount and price adjustment

    Based on market and product changes, as well as the needs of event promotion, OULU CLOUD will launch various discounts from time to time, including appropriate price adjustments. OULU CLOUD reserves all rights to make discounts and adjust prices. When the product price changes, it is only applicable to new orders and cannot be applied to existing orders and existing businesses. OULU CLOUD reserves the right to modify the service system and prices at any time without notifying users.

9. Malicious attacks and defamation
  1. Our service team will adhere to the principle of solving all problems for customers and providing services to users on the principle of service-oriented. If our staff violates any violations, please contact us by email to ban[a]OULU in time for complaints and Report, OULU CLOUD will give reasonable handling and feedback based on the situation.
  2. Users have maliciously attacked OULU CLOUD staff and slandered OULU CLOUD’s reputation in words and actions, including but not limited to illegal, harassing, slanderous, abusive, intimidating, harmful, In the event of defamatory words and deeds, we have the right to suspend the corresponding service of the user and terminate the service provided to the user without refund. And reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.
  3. During the communication process, moral kidnapping, personal attacks, hostile words, insults, and insults to customer service personnel will deprive users of all rights. After submitting an apology and holding an ID card video apology statement, and eliminating the adverse effects, it can be renegotiated and restored.
X. Refund Service

    You can apply for a refund service for reasonable reasons within three days from the date of purchasing the virtual server. The refund does not include additional products or services other than the product package, such as cPanel, DirectAdmin and other commercial software with IP licensing fees and purchases Fee,
    There is no refund except one of the following:

  1. Involved in violation of these terms of service;
  2. No full refund will be provided for more than 3 days from the product activation date;
  3. Additional services cannot be refunded. If there are additional gifts during consumption, and the gifts cannot be refunded (such as domain names), refunds need to be deducted after the cost of the gifts;
  4. Non-OULU CLOUD's own reasons;
  5. Malicious trial, there have been many times. The refund record does not provide a refund;
  6. No refunds will be provided before the dispute or dispute is not resolved;
  7. Services using coupon codes cannot be refunded
  8. There is no refund service for physical equipment, server rental and cabinet hosting business.
  9. Attachment 1: Refund submission process "Log in [Member Center]" here Submit a refund.
    Attachment 2: The refund terms are related, which means that the host is automatically deleted in the background of the system, the system automatically deducts the fee, and the refund is returned to the account balance by default. The user can choose to continue spending or return to the transaction gateway,and the withdrawal will deduct a handling fee of 15 yuan.
    By default, refunds will be processed every Monday, March and Friday, and the refund information will be acknowledged, and the maximum time will not exceed 7-15 days for processing; please consult the transaction gateway customer service such as Alipay/Taipay for the time when the refunded funds arrive. Pass/online banking/Paypal or bank.

11. Liability for breach of contract
  1. This clause excludes the exemption clause and other user fault or force majeure factors.
  2. If the user violates the provisions of OULU CLOUD [Acceptable Use Terms AUP], OULU CLOUD has the right to delete all the user's data directly, and does not provide any form of backup and compensation.
Other content
  1. This clause is formulated under the premise of combining the rights of customers and guaranteeing OULU CLOUD's high-efficiency and high-quality products and services, and restricts both parties to certain behaviors to ensure more legitimate interests for users. OULU CLOUD has the right to make appropriate adjustments to these terms. When the terms of service are changed, the revised content will be prompted on the homepage and related important pages. If the user does not agree with the revised content The user can actively cancel the network service used, if the user continues to use it, it will be deemed to have accepted the changes in the terms of service.
  2. Due to OULU CLOUD’s listing, acquisition, merger with a third party, name change, etc., the user agrees that OULU CLOUD can transfer its rights and/or obligations to the new owner for renewal.
  3. Due to all disputes related to these terms of service, the two parties shall resolve through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, both parties agree to file a lawsuit to the Louisiana court where OULU CLOUD is located.